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The Seattle area is a prime example, with 60 percent of real estate listings near the major job centers being sold in under 30 days.There are just 1.39 months of housing inventory available, when 6 months is the standard for a healthy, balanced market.When the seller signs the backup contract, it means that if Buyer 1 should cancel their contract for any reason, Buyer 2 is automatically under contract to buy the home.Multiple backup offers are rare, but are possible as well.

Have fun, and if you can't have fun, at least learn something.Welcome to JMeeting connects you with people from around the world.Watch live member broadcasts, chat and share with our community.", and he responded, "I'm saying that I'd like to, but that I don't think it would be a good use of my time." The list of Rules and regulations for this site is short and is silent on many important issues.With both the Chance® and Atlas® brands, Chance Civil Construction is the international leader in earth anchoring.

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