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The following list is our unofficial primer on Indian films and Hindi movies.

For the uninitiated, these lengthy films invariably contain a dozen major song and dance sequences and a little something for everyone.

It shows what true friends will do to find another friend this is now completely true friendship and it shows even when you are out of college there are still people that remember you! and the best movie of all time Lagaan This Movie sets in the old english possesed india. - Abhi526 Congratulation for successful movie A Very very very very very wonderful movie..kajol BEST jodi in the world! Never getting bored of watching KKHH Rang De Basanti The greatest bollywood film ever. This site should put this movie in special mention..

Then he finds a cell phone, and his tormentor calls to say he has been released from his small prison to a bigger one,.One hundred years ago today, the first silent feature film was released in India: Raja Harischandra, created by Dadasahed Phalke.The film told the legend of King Harischandra, and Phalke was rightly dubbed the Father of Indian Cinema: his was the first in an ever-growing line of Bollywood films.There is always a curiosity revolving around things the Censor Board stops us from watching.Remember the time when your mother warned you against watching a certain film on television and how you switched it on again the very moment she went out to fetch something?

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