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Installation and training is usually two days, so it’s likely that not all of our pharmacies are introduced to every feature.So just in case you missed one, here are eight commonly forgotten pharmacy software features that come free with Computer-Rx.Read more Change always begins with a conversation.Pleio began in 2006 when a group of partners sat around a kitchen table and shared their concerns for their friends and family who were struggling with their medication routine.At this year’s annual Idea Exchange user conference, we polled some of our current customers, asking them to tell us their favorite part of Idea Exchange.Our most popular answers were, “To learn about new features in the software,” and, “To learn things about the software that we didn’t know were available.” Win Rx and Win Scan were designed to be an all-encompassing pharmacy software solution, so the feature list is pretty long.

View an online demo of our new revolutionary pharmacy management software.

The bins are also customizable which allows you to create bins for special circumstances (i.e.

medication on order, IOUs, contact Dr.) Fill most, if not all, a patient’s prescriptions at the same time.

Working closely with them, we deliver weekly improvements and cutting-edge features that are designed to provide speed, simplicity, consistency, and flexibility.

Leading the industry in first-to-market functionality in one seamlessly integrated package, Pioneer Rx has become one of the most successful pharmacy systems in the United States.

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    You need to confirm and pay for the VIP subscription through the app store.

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    In order to download software from this website, you must be using Firefox or Windows® Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.