Dating spouse after separation Chat up the secretary game

I do not believe that divorce has to be nasty and bitter especially when there are little ones involved.We have both been very amicable, helpful and respectful about the whole situation. We established who gets the kids when and it's been working out great.

Under the North Carolina criminal statues, having sex after separation, with someone other than your spouse, constitutes the crime of adultery. While enforcement of this statue is rare, it is common for sex during separation to affect negotiations and lawsuits.The risk of a criminal record is problematic as well.A criminal conviction has an impact on your earning potential, your ability to adequately care for your children and a judge’s perception of you.He picked up the kids as agreed and I was to get them back thurs after work.I always call to say goodnight to my babies about 8pm, I called but they had fallen asleep early, so my ex started trying to convince me to let him com over for sex and I refused(he tries this everyday) plus I had my friend over!

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