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Gentz told Dateline he backed out on two previous plans — one a hit-and-run crash and the other to push Jane Bashara off her roof — before he finally completed the job. and I went, bam, took her neck out with my boot." Gentz and Bashara loaded her in the SUV and ditched the vehicle in Detroit.Dateline is an Australian award-winning international documentary series with a current affairs backbone.Bashara kept a secret from his wife and two children that the Dateline report speculates may have played a role in Jane Bashara's demise.

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Bashara kept a "sex dungeon," complete with hooks, whips and harnesses, in a dingy room beneath the Hard Luck Lounge in Grosse Pointe.

His secret was revealed to the public when media began digging after Jane Bashara was strangled on January 24, 2012 and her body discovered the following day in the rear of her Mercedes SUV in an alley on Detroit's east side.

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