Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 hints

The coding is brilliantly executed, and I couldn’t find a typo anywhere.

To get the best ending with a character (and honestly, why would you settle for less?

Review: Writing: I wasn't too sure what score to give this at first.

On the one hand, I certainly can't accuse the writing of being too sparse on details.

Pretty okay, but while trying to date Cero around day 22 or so.

The screen turns gray and I have to start all over again. I was really looking forward to seeing the ending of it but seeing as how I tried to play it 4 times after I first had the issue to see that nothing had changed. Also, the characters are sufficiently different from each other in terms of personalities and "voice", which is important in a dating sim.You'd be able to tell Gabe from Cero even if you couldn't see who was talking.) you have to buy each of the five gifts that they like for them. The only ways to get money are to visit the forest (once each day, earning -90 tops) and to play games.The only game that gives you anywhere near a respectable sum of money is the matching game, and even this averages out at a little over 100 dollars per play.

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