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READ MORE: A dark trade - Rape videos for sale in India Police have analysed the footage and concluded there were four main attackers but they would be investigating the others who gathered to watch, Tariq added.

One of the victims told India's NDTV network they begged the men to stop and called for help.

India has a terrible record of rape and sexual assault, and rights groups accuse authorities of failing swiftly to bring offenders to justice.

Maybe you are more into something a bit exotic, like horny gals from the far east.

Interactive porn linked to wireless devices is the first step toward virtual-reality porn, and there's already a VR headset made specifically for porn (it goes for a whopping 0, but good sex toys aren't cheap).

"Given the contents of the tape have now been revealed to concern Todd Barclay and sex and drug matters, does he accept the tapes exist and when was he aware of the contents," Labour leader Andrew Little questioned him.

Sex toys continue to get more high-tech, and it looks like the future includes an even more interactive experience. The videos can transmit synchronized pulses to a wireless sex toy that's been connected to correspond with what's happening in the video.

Pornhub has recently launched new videos that can sync up with sex toys — but, unfortunately, they don't connect to female-friendly devices. In order to sync up a device, you have to download the Feel Connect app and then connect your sex toy.

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