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The capital of Tunisia is a cosmopolitan city, which harmoniously blends the traditional Arab world and the contemporary world.From Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, there are one to three direct flights from Nice to Tunis every day, so book your ticket now! No, wait, all his photos are selfies and he has this one on here twice. However, if they decide they want to meet you in person, they’ll make a move. On a few of my dates, I had trouble reading the mind of the man sitting across from me. I’ve met guys in bars as well and once was approached on the metro.

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This time the lucky destination is Tabarka and it would be fair to say that the nature of this festival is much different to the previous one discussed.

This time the main theme is jazz music and it was only last year that this festival returned, following a four year absence.

Prior to that, it had been running since 1973 and has featured some of the most popular musicians such as Billy Paul, Nougaro and Ahmad Jamal.

Through the remainder of this text we’ll now take a look at the twenty most popular festivals that occur in Tunisia on an annual basis.

Most are focussed around music – but there will also be some that raise your eyebrows and may just get you to tailor a trip around the specified dates.

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